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  • A simple wooden shed, an edgy logo, a good product framed by installation art became a succesful money maker at the renowned outdoor festival Breminale. Having won the prize for innovative new stall, McMae was created by artists Patricia Lambertus and Christina Vogelsang in cooperation with Bio-Farmers Kaemena.


    "The Breminale has landed a big hit: ice cream made from goat milk. (...) Presented in posh dirndl costumes the two artists Patricia Lambertus and Christina Vogelsang marketed the ice-cold sweets at the festival on the Osterdeich. "This is absolutely delicious", praised a raving consumer. The artists cooperated on the project with the bio-farmers Kaemena. Kaemenas experimented with the recipe until the last second, recount the artists, who had built a fenced installation for the live goats and created a logo for the ice cream. And the good weather increased the appetite for more of their ice cream."
    (Weser Kurier, 6.7.2009)